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I love the leaves in this image. Not only because its pretty, the polaroid looks really old. I like the way the leaves are hanging, so delicate.

I like this photograph because the buildings are old and look as though they are keep secrets. I love bulidings that are old because they hold secrets and have some form of history behind them. I love the contrast and colour between the water, buildings and sky. The clouds look stunning!

I like this image because it's old yet there it's full of colour. Most old photographs are dull, grey and sometimes boring. This image shows a different side. I love the old buildings and the reflection the boats make on the water.

I love this picture simply because i love old buildings. The old cracked bricks give this house an antique look. Im amazed the shutters on the windows are still blue.

I love the light used in this image.

I love the colour and contrast in this image. The boats on the water are silhouetted against the glowing reflection of the sky. It's such a beautiful image!

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lil_lea23 said...

lol i think the leaves are weed???