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This logo is well set out, i like the colour that has been used. There isn't too much text or imagery being used which makes it easy to read. The colours aren't too bright which makes it easy on the eye. I like how there is only one flower in this image, it proves that you don't need a lot of imagery just to get your message across. It's a simple yet elegant design that i really like!

This logo is simple, a simple picture of a flower has been used, alongside of clear, strong text. It's white background makes you focus on the text and picture, the key element to this logo. The red flower draws you in because it's a bright attractive colour. This logo has been set out well, it looks professional. There isn't too much text or imagery used in this logo, which makes it simple, clear and not too plain.

This logo is very well set out, i like the fact that colour has been used, not distracting but kind of simple. Clear, strong writing has been used in this image. Which gives it a more professional type of look. I like the image of the flower that has been chosen, simply because i like flowers! There isn't too much text or imagery being used, which is simple but not too plain.

This image works because its clear and set out well. They have only used two colours which is good because it doesnt distract you. They have used an image of a toothbrush in this logo, which gives it a good effect because it's a dental clinic. It says Family Dental which is a name you can trust. There's no too much text or imagery being used so this logo works well.

This image works because it's clear and tidy. Colour has been used, but not too much to make it look distracting. It has images of teeth, which are used a lot in images for dental advertisements. The colours could be used to familarise different races that are welcome to use this clinic. It's easy to read becuase there isn't too much text or imagery.

This image is very clear. They have chosen to use one background colour which makes the single tooth clean and white, which is how people want their teeth to look like. There isn't too much imagery or text which is good because it's easy to read, there is nothing to distract you from this image. An image of a toothbrush is used which i think a great idea. I love how they have "Your Next Smile is Just Around the Corner" and the word corner is written around the actual corner of the green box. This looks really good.

In this image there is not too much colour or imagery being used, therefore its clear and concise. They have used a muscular man lifting weights, which again attracts those who wish to look like this. In this case the target audience is muscular men who are not happy with their body, or they just want to bulk up. The name of the gym "Limbo" could be used as a pun, for example, 'You have to bend over backwards, or go as far as you can to achieve your goal.' This image works well, if i was a strong muscular man i am sure i'd go to this gym!!

This image works well because there is clear, tidy and attractive to the target audience. 'Gold's Gym' have used an image of a man that seems to be very muscular. This logo is affective because in the picture the man is lifting weights. This is affective to those who wish to one day look like the man in the image, if not go for 'GOLD' and aim to become bigger and much more muscular. This image is very clear, it works well for the job it entails.

This image is attractive to those who wish to use the gym. Most likely the big muscular type of men who want to "pump it up." This image is used as a type of role model, gym junkies come to Koocanusa Gym because they might see themselves as the chosen image; a very muscular wolf. This image works because its clear, there isn't too much colour, the imagery is kept to a minimum, which attracts the chosen audience. This logo works!!!

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