During the holidays i lost a great friend! Dale Andrew Davey was 16 years old when he fought but sadly lost his battle to cancer on the 11th December 2010. Dale had an inoperable tumor behind his left eye. Dale was loved by many people, he was a very popular young man and fought his battle hard.

Its still hard to believe that he is actually gone. We lost such a beautiful boy, such a beautiful person. Dale was so strong; his illness never put him down, he never complained. He lived his day like any other healthy kid would, with no regrets!! Dale was very brave!

I remember walking to school with Dale when i was 10 years old, back then he seemed like an annoying little kid that would talk and talk for hours about nothing, joke and ask questions about everything. But now, i would give anything to have that little annoying kid back in my life. His friendship to me was so precious, but now it is gone! Though Dale is gone, he will always be in my heart!

The day of Dale's funeral was so heartbreaking, roughly 200 people turned up. It showed how much Dale was loved by many! And now he will be dearly missed!!

Dale's song is 'World's Greatest - R Kelly' because Dale was truly..the world's greatest!!

I love you Dale Andrew Davey, miss you matey!!

i sketched this picture free hand in my art diary before scanning it into the MAC. i then pasted it into an illustrator document and played around with it, adding shapes.

i came up with the first image you can see here, i then cloned the image and made several copies which i then put together in different ways. my end result is the image you can see on the right. originally this image was for the Zine booklet, but i am still deciding if i want to add it or not.

hope you like! :)