Logos i designed for an assignment!







Composites we had to design using our own photography and images sourced form the net! Here are my final results!

I find the images on this site very insteresting. Most of them remind me of the ads on Channel V and MTV. I think they use this type of imagery because its diferent and very eye-catching. I really like their work, its very interesting and i especially love looking at pieces that have a lot of fine detail. I think these images are radical, they are original ideas but are very creative and well thoughtout.

I was playing around on my new suite Adobe Illustrator CS4 at home and decided to design a few more posters for the Modern Kraft Graphic Design Conference. Hope you like!!!

The task was to design an original and creative logo for a business we had to choose from a given list. The process was firstly to come up with a few sketches of our own designs for a particular business, and digitally edit them in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

We had to incorporate the logo we designed ourselves, into a number of pieces advertising our chosen business. Such as a business card, letterhead, compliments slip, brochure and bookmark. The logo we designed ourselves had to be put on each of these materials and presented to the class on our blogs.

Our presentation and design had to be aesthetically pleasing and readable. Once we had completed the drafts of our designs, we presented them to the class. We had to show what each of our designs was and point out why we had it the way we did. Once the class had seen all our designs and materials, our work was critiqued.

The class was a bit hesitant towards critiquing, so Luke our teacher went first. After it was over, we gathered our notes that we had written down during the critique and took them away to put them in a report.

The business I chose was Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. I decided to call it “Magnifique”, which meant magnificent in French. I chose this name because I wanted to show how plastic surgery could make you look magnificent. I thought this name would be eye-catching, people would want to read it, those types of people that aren’t happy with the shape or dimension of their body seek attention from cosmetic plastic surgery. This is one reason why I decided to create my logo in the shape of a woman. A woman’s curves are very alluring; therefore by using this type of image, it will allure people, more so women than men, in to wanting to look like this.

The shape of my logo was commented in my critique as very feminine and it was very well liked by the majority of the class. Someone suggested putting the name of my business directly under the logo; I tried this but didn’t like it. It looked too much like the shape of a cross, and that certainly wasn’t the feel I was going for. The teacher commented on this part of the critique, he liked the way the logo was set away from the name of the business. He believed it looked “professional.” Someone suggested adding “DR” to the name of the plastic surgeon, which is Clarisse Genevieve.

My bookmark was critiqued very easily I thought, someone mentioned liking my first design with the light pink background and darker image of the body, rather than the other. This was simply because it was a lot easier to see. The darkness of the pink made the text too hard to read. This was also mentioned for my business cards. My last design was hard to read as the pink background was too dark against the colour of the text.

For my brochure, a majority of the class didn’t like the colours I had chosen. Maybe pink wasn’t the most suitable colour to go with. A majority of the class found that the typeface I had chosen was too hard to read. It was also mentioned that I change the colour of the text in my brochure from pink to black, as well as changing the typeface.

In my brochure it was suggested that I line up all my text so it’s easy to follow. And also keep everything to the left, as that’s how we read, from left to right.
It was suggested to make my contact details a lot smaller than the rest of the text. Even keeping the contact details on the back of the brochure, that way it’s not too close to the logo, as someone mentioned.

For my letterhead, it was mentioned that my writing was too dark and it would just clash with the writing in the letter. It was suggested, to maybe make the text lighter, making it easier to read.

With my typeface, a majority of the class liked the way i had used it for the name of my business, it was suggested again to use a different typeface for my text. The name of my business “Magnifique” in the typeface “Papyrus” was said to make a statement, it’s suitable for the name.

It was suggested to smooth out the lines/edges of my logo, as women are supposed to be curvy. I agree here, as women look a lot better with a curvaceous body, instead of having slight kinks here and there.

The teacher suggested changing the business name from ‘plastic surgery’ to ‘cosmetic plastic surgery’ as they are both different. My logo and designs are best suitable for a cosmetic plastic surgery business rather than plastic surgery. Plastic surgery deals with the reconstruction of body features due to an accident, whereas cosmetic plastic surgery deals with breast implants, face lifts, nip/tuck and those kinds of surgeries, which was initially the direction I was headed.
My compliments slip had nothing critiqued, as far as the comments go, it was pretty much fine the way it is.

My punch line ‘confidence, health, beauty’ was also fine, as it’s suitable for the business. I chose these three words as cosmetic plastic surgery helps build your confidence and boost your health and beauty.

The doctor’s name I chose, Clarisse Genevieve I thought was suitable because to me sounds French, and this is suitable as the name of my business is also written in French.
After the critique, we went back and tried improving our designs. This is what I came up with second time around.

With my bookmark, I kept it simple. I decided to keep the style very similar between them, and make this bookmark double sided. I kept the information clear and crisp, easy to read. Also the website is easy to find, being located right down the bottom.

My business card is still as simple as it was before, though the name of the business is a lot feminine looking and best suited to this business. I’ve kept a san serif typeface so it’s easy to read, and the website is again located down the bottom.

With my compliments slip I changed the angle from portrait to landscape, I thought the business name and logo were better fitted in landscape form for it was too hard to try and squash it in to fit when it was portrait. I kept the website down the bottom, easy to find. I’ve left enough space for the customers to leave a comment.

For the front and back of my brochure I decided to simplify it a lot more than it was. I didn’t want the front page to look too blocky so I added another logo, making one bigger and gave it less opacity so you can just see it. On the back cover I made the logo look tight by putting it in a box, with the contact details bellow it. I thought this made it look more professional.

The inside pages of my brochure have improved dramatically. I decided to use an image of a model as it gives the brochure more of a clinic feel, and also gives the customers an idea of what they might look like after cosmetic plastic surgery. I lowered the opacity of the model image so she wouldn’t stand out above the text, which is mostly the main focal point. I made the text black and used a san serif typeface so it’s easy to read.

With my letterhead, I kept the design simple and clear. Again my logo was boxed in with the business name, making it tight. The page has a slight blue gradient with lowered opacity so you can only just see that the page has colour. I decided to use lorem ipsum just to show you what the letterhead may look like when it is being used for its purpose.

For my overall design of the layout, I decided to use a soft blue gradient with lowered opacity, not only giving it a bit of colour, but giving it that clinical feel to assure people that this business is safe.

I am really happy with the overall improvement and can’t wait to see what you guys think!