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Cindy Sherman -

This photograph is one of my favourite pieces by Cindy Sherman. I like her photography because she uses her self-portraits to highlight stereotypes of women that exist in film and magazines.

Larry Clark -

I like this photograph because it captures the realness of Clark's life. His photography demonstrates a drift of American youth lost between drugs, sex and violence. I like this because its honest.


I like this photograph because its honest and real. The reason for why Araki's wife is asleep in the boat is quite humerous.

Richard Billingham-

I like this photograph because it shows happiness in Richard Billingham's father. The other shots of Billingham's father are depressing and show his addiction to alcohol. This particular shot shows a sense of freedom.

Tony Vaccaro-

I like this particular photograph by Tony Vaccaro because it shows the bond between man and man's best friend, the relationship between man and his dog.

Martin Parr-

I like this photograph because it reminds me of my younger sister when she would eat ice-cream. All small children cant seem to eat ice-cream without getting it all over their face. Martin Parr captures this moment wonderfully.

Gregory Crewdson-

I like the way Crewdson makes a scene before capturing it. A lot of his photography is shot much like a scene in a movie. Though he seems to add something random in each time.

Jeff Wall-

I think this photograpg by Jeff Wall has been done very well. I like the way he has just thrown so many things into one image. My favourite touch is the light bulbs on the ceiling.

Robert Adams-

I love this picture! Robert Adams captures such a spectacular view of the ocean through the trees. In a way its sort of calming!!

Edward Steichen-
Out of all the photographers we have looked at, this is by far the best my opinion! Its such a great photo to study. The reflection on the water is stunning. He has done a great job with this wonder it sold for the price it did!!!!

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