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This is my design of a magazine page using three images we were given in class; tractor, gun and roundup. We devided our A4 page into different sections using multiple rulers. This made it a lot easier to position and devide up the imagery and text. This worked because it made it really easy to move from section to section once one was completed.
I wanted my magazine page to look as realistic as i could, so i thought the easiest way to do this was to devide my page into three different sections, one for each image we were given.
Having to use certain pictures didnt really work for me as some of them were hard to find. And also because a gun has nothing to do with a tractor and roundup. But i didnt really mind, i like a challenge, and i think that's what part of the task was about.
I didnt have a problem with the time limit we were given, as i am starting to get use to working in Photoshop.
I didnt really have any difficulties with coming up with an idea to use the three images chosen. I decided to make the heading of the page "2010 Black and White is the new Green and Yellow."
I thought of this heading because green and yellow are australian colours, and also the colours used on the australian logo. I decided to kind of advertise that Australia has changed their Australian Made logo from yellow and green to black and white. I used the images of the gun, tractor and roundup to advertise this by simply sticking a black and white Australian Made logo on each of the products.
I chose to use black as a background colour because it works well with white text, which makes it easy to read. I also used black and white because that was what i was advertising. My page needed a bit of colour so i made some of my text green and yellow, the Australian colours, which i thought was a nice touch.
I chose to do my images in the way that i have because i wanted the reader to focus more on the logo, and also because it makes it look good. I also decided to do my images the way that i did because once the reader sees the image, they immediately want to read about it. The positioning for this works really well because it draws your attention down to the writing.

I thought i did quite well. I am very happy with my end result!!! :)

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