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Group Proposal

An assessment was given to us as a real world design challenge and we as a class were given 4 different jobs:

* Home Tavern - TV Promotions

* Gibbs Design - New website

* TAFE - Promotional posters

* Fitness 4 Women Gym - Corporate Identity Rebrand

We each had to choose one of the jobs listed above, and in a group combine our skills and knowledge to come up with promotional material for our chosen business. I chose Fitness 4 Women Gym as did Skye and Elise.

As a group our job was to design a corporate identity rebrand for Fitness 4 Women. Before we contacted Sharon Forde, owner of Fitness 4 Women, Skye, Elise and myself sat down to discuss what we were going to do. We talked about the following:

- What colours would she like/dislike for her business identity?

- What promotional materials would she like done?

- If so will images be supplied?

- Will the rebrand package just be a business name or include and logo?

We got a little overwhelmed with the idea and exactly what we were going to do for this job. We decided to sit down with Sharon Forde to discuss what she wanted. This made it easier for us to get our head around the job as the client knew exactly what she wanted and where she would like to take the business. Sharon didn’t want her business to resemble the previously owned business ‘Contours’ in the slightest, so we then knew what we couldn’t do and went from there.

The possible promotional material that Sharon asked for was:

- Identity/Rebrand

- Business cards (for owner plus other staff members)/Stationary (letterheads, etc.)

- Mailbox Flyers (quarterly)

- Motivational Posters

- Pull-down poster

- 12 day pass card

- Promotional clothing and packages (towels, hats, t-shirts, backpacks, nail files, etc.)

- Stickers for windows/car

- Sign for the shop front

We decided that we couldn’t complete all these jobs in the short amount of time we had to do the initial job, so we decided we would only do the corporate identity rebrand for now and possibly discuss other jobs to be completed in the future. Once we had given Sharon Forde our proposal and received our signed copy, we then went away and each designed a few logos that would be appropriate for the business before each choosing one of our favourites. We then presented three logos to the client for feedback. The client chose the design that had been done by Elise, which I thought was a smart option as I believe Elise’s design was strongest out of the three.

Throughout all the meeting with the client all of the group behaved in a professional manner and dressed appropriate for meeting.

I believe we firm enough with the client in suggesting that we just work on a corporate identity and not everything else she wanted as it was a lot of work to undertake in such a short amount of time. The client was very friendly and acceptable to the advice and information we gave her.

Before we started anything, I was slightly intimidated as being a student I hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult to sit down and talk with Sharon, and whether she would take us seriously or believe we knew what we were doing. Though I was much more relaxed and calm after meeting with Sharon, alongside Elise and Skye. Sharon is an easygoing person, she is friendly and works in an environment that is surrounded by people every day.

At first I didn’t really involve myself in much conversation, apart from making my own opinion, as I wanted to sit back and take in the whole meeting while thinking about was wanted from the client, and also because I was a bit unsure of what to say.

Having the opportunity to experience this kind of work was very interesting, although I have worked with clients before, this time was very different. In a way I think it was easier because previous clients I have worked with paid for the job, whereas Sharon Forde wasn’t. Though I think things would have been very different if there was a cost involved.

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