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Aggressive - means to attack, or make invasions. In the book 'The Time Machine' there are aggressive creatures that attack and invade the village people in groups and take them to eat later. I wanted my book cover to have an evil feel, to coincide with aggressiveness, thus why i used the colour red behind a silhouette of a face. The face represents the evil underground creatures in the story 'The Time Machine'. I didn't want the type to get confused with the red stripes so I kept it bold and large so its easy to read. When designing this book cover my main focus was to keep it simple, clear and not 'over board' or crowded. I believe the red on black demonstrates anger and aggression, which mainly relates to the underground creatures in the story. Though it seemed simple to use images of these creatures, i wanted to do something different, thus why i used a silhouette instead of an actual image/photograph. I think the end result of this particular design came up well.

Passive - For this design I wanted a mellow yet attractive and futuristic image, which i believe i found. Passive means to be inactive, and i strongly believe this image demonstrates just that with the man standing in the street. The brightness of the light casts a large shadow behind the man, which i think makes the image intense. I also thought the brightness of this light and the smaller lights surrounding it, represented a time travel theme, which is exactly what i was going for. I believe this image demonstrates passiveness. I wanted the type to have a futuristic theme so i kept it bold and clear, which is easy to read. I made the type white because, to me, its a passive colour and i thought it worked well with the image. I am very happy with the end result of this book cover design!

Modern - Designing a book cover for this theme was all but too simple. I used a modern type image of a few cogs to represent the time travel feel as the 'time machine' is made up of millions of little bolts and cogs. I believe this worked really well as i wanted to keep this book cover simple and clear. Modern is 'new age' which i thought this image portrayed perfectly, along with the type i chose. I kept the type clear, simple and very modern. I am happy with the end result of this book cover, i strongly believe it works well.

Future - This particular book cover design is one of my favorites. I found the image on Google before making a few of my own changes. The many futuristic buildings and numerous moons/planets give it a futuristic feel. The man standing on top of the building represents the 'time traveler' in the story where the large glowing ball above him represents the time machine. I wanted the type to be simple yet strong, so used a particular typeface that would portray this, using the colour white as it stood out the most and worked well with the large glowing ball. I am very happy with the end result of this book cover design, its aesthetically pleasing, very attractive and i believe it is an awesome design for a book cover.

Dynamic - means moving or in motion so when designing this book cover i wanted an image that had movement. I believe the image i have chosen demonstrates movement with the numbers flying around the clock, which represents time travel and time movement. I added numerous numbers to make them look as though they were flying around the clock. The clock looks as though it is magic, with its bright glowing rays and swirls. Adding the numbers gave it a more of a time travel like feel to the already dynamic image. The type was kept simple, clear and easy to read, using a typeface similar to those used in my other book cover designs. I am happy with the end result of this design.

Classic - for this book cover i wanted to keep the whole design classic, using an image that came across as 'classic' and to me the man in the long black coat and hat, accompanied by a walking stick, portrayed him as coming from a classic era. I believe this image is perfect for this theme as it looks as though the man is about to walk into the future, which is represented here as the large clock. The typeface i used is simple, clear yet bold and classic, which i thought worked quite well with the whole design. I really like this book cover design, i am very happy with the end result.

Grungy - means dirty, rough, rugged and worn out. I thought this image really suited the grungy feel to the story with the giants cogs and bolts to represent the time machine. The two people standing on the giant cog represent the underground creatures in the story with the glow of flame that represents the fiery depths of the underground world where these creatures live. To be able to interpret this book cover design you really have to know the story. I am happy with this design and believe its aesthetically pleasing and demonstrates the grunge of the story.

Retro - means 'out there' and very decorative with lots of geometric shapes, fluro or bright colors. This image worked well with my design concept as the bright circles and planet like shapes represented futuristic elements suited to the 'time machine' theme. The layers of circles reminded me of 'years' or 'time' which is what is being traveled. The colors in this design, to me, represent those of a retro feel. The type is strong, simple and clear, easy to read and works well with the image. I am very happy with the end result!

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