Cultural Relationships with Design

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1. Celtic art has been around for many years and is still around today, not only in Australia but all over the world. What might seem like an old traditional design to the Celts is a new intriguing idea to an artist. Celtic art can be seen in our world today, for example in jewellery, tattoos, materials in clothing, and even stained glass windows. Celtic art has been an inspiration to me as I love tattoo design. It’s interesting to see that such a remarkable piece of art has come this far in time.

2. Aboriginal art is more than just paint splatters on a piece of material or wood. To the indigenous people it has meaning; it can be about their lifestyle, their everyday life, beliefs, customs or ceremonies. A piece of art of an animal for example means more than just a picture of an animal, it can be their creation being, associated with their mythology. A few added symbols can turn their painting into a story. Just like modern art, Australian aboriginal art was traditionally either naturalistic of abstract. Naturalistic art means pictures, paintings and engravings about animals, or people, whereas abstract art consists of dots, lines, circles, and other shapes and symbols that each have meaning. The symbols may not be very understandable to you or me (non-aboriginal) but each tribe knew their symbols like we Australians know the alphabet. They could tell the story by just looking at a piece of abstract art, that’s why it’s so important to them. Aboriginal art is one of the ways by which the Aborigines expressed their culture and histories. Art was a way to pass down traditions and stories of the Dreamtime (creation).

3. Most designers are highly impressed by M.C. Escher’s work, as it is highly detailed. Escher takes up all his time to do his art, completely absorbing his thoughts. He used his art to communicate, instead of writing down his thoughts; he presented them as visual images. Escher spent many years presenting and studying graphic art; the craft became second nature to him. People loved his highly detailed work because he spent so much time coming up with new ideas and creating pieces, which he then presented to the public. People were astonished at the fine detail he used.

4. From the early 19th century to our day in age, art and culture has changed dramatically, it’s very interesting to see the changes through different pieces of art from different time periods. From prehistoric ages such as cave and rock paintings, those similar to the indigenous forms of art; to the renaissance and modern to post modern art. Renaissance art began the key principles of perspective and detail, which made the movements more lifelike and exciting than previous art from the Middle Ages. These new principles gave paintings a new depth and realism never seen before, thus giving artists new inspiration. Arts and cultures are very interesting as you can see the differences in artwork and how languages were translated or communicated through imagery. Cave men might not have been able to speak English, but they left messages behind in their cave paintings. Stories from their time period that is now classed as history.

5. Looking backwards to our history when trying to engage in design solutions for modern society is beneficial as new ideas are found that may have been previously hidden. These new ideas are taken and changed, improved by other artists. Looking back at the history of art inspires us to further our knowledge in creating our own pieces. If someone that wishes to pursue their career as an artist may look back at history to give them an idea of what’s in store. I love designing tattoos so I really look into Celtic art; it inspires me to always want to draw more and more.

6. Ancient art has affected my life because it has given me a lot of ideas. It has influenced me to learn more about the different pieces of art from history and it has also inspired me to do my own. I love everything about art, the history behind it as well as the practical. Learning about art from different ages is very interesting as you can see the different techniques that artists have used, and influences me to try them. One type of art I like to look at is Celtic art; it interests me a lot because I draw a lot of my own Celtic pieces. I love tattoo design and am in the process of designing my own tattoo, so Celtic art is something I occasionally look towards to get different ideas.

7. I can only think of one cultural influence that has happened in my life n that’s the art of the Celts. Celtic art is very fascinating to me as I love looking at all the diverse patterns and how each connects with the other. I enjoy tattoo design, especially Celtic design. To me it’s a simple yet complex form of art that I love doing. Once I get started on a piece I cannot stop until it is finished, improving sections as I go. I can be so wrapped in designing that I don’t even notice the hours that fly by. Once I have finished one piece, people ask me what it’s supposed to mean. I say nothing, because sometimes art doesn’t have to have a meaning, it just exists. The Celts may or may not have a meaning for each design that has been created.

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