Webskin - Explore use of colour!! Full Bloom Florist!

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The business that I was given was Full Bloom Florist, and the accompanying Pantone colour is Pantone 240. Pantone 240 is a hot pink kind of colour, like a magenta, which is appealing to a lot of women, making my target audience women from 18 to 50 years of age. I wanted my business to look clear and simple but also professional because professional is trustworthy.
I believe that the colour I was given gives the website a sense of warmth as to me it’s a calming type of colour. I believe this will keep the customer/target audience calm when searching for the information they need.
I chose a tint from the Pantone I was given, this was a much lighter pink which is suited well to Pantone 240. Two other colours I used were a simple black and the other white. I wanted as least colours as possible so the website wasn’t hard to look at.
I used the Pantone 240 in my logo and also a few sections of my web skin, but not so much that the whole webpage was Pantone 240. Too much of the same colour would be boring and not very attractive to the target audience. The colours I have used were easy to work with and I think they are very attractive to the main target audience.
I wanted to keep the imagery as simple as I could, thus only using one type of image, a flower. I didn’t want to cover the whole web skin with the flower because I didn’t want it to look trashy and off putting to the target audience, also because it would look too feminine with so many flowers, even though the business is a florist.
Because my Pantone colour was a dark pink, there wasn’t much I could do with it in order to target men whom are interested in flowers. Although nine times out of ten, its women who look to florists. But with the other colours I had used, the web page is still easy to look at and navigate in order to get the information needed. Even for a male who wants to buy flowers for his wife or mother. The Pantone still works as a male customer may look for pink when searching for flowers as a gift to a loved one.
One page I decided to include is called “Flowers” and this page shows the list of specials. Each image of the specials gives the customer an idea of what’s available for them to buy. Though here I have only used one image of the flower basket just to give an example.
I designed my logo the way I did because it’s simple, clear and professional. Professional is trustworthy, and my motif is trustworthy because it’s simple and easy to read. I like the idea of using the ‘L’ in ‘bloom’ as a stem of a flower; it gives the logo a little bit of character. I put my logo on every web page through the website so the target audience would become familiar with the logo (motif), making it easier for them to look for in the future if need be. I also kept each page as similar to the other, making it more professional and giving it repetition and familiarity.
I chose to use as least typefaces as I could so reading the website would be easy and understandable. I used a simple san serif for the logo as well as the rest of the text on the website, keeping it as simple as possible. I used a serif for the title of each web page just to make it a little bit fancy.
The typefaces I used are Myriad Pro for the body text, Myriad Pro Bold for the logo and panel headings, and Harlow Solid Italic for the title headings of each page.
I set out my web page the way I did so it’s easy to navigate and nothing becomes too complicated to find. I put side panels for each page of the site, making information easy to find and read. I decided to keep all the information set in the middle of the webpage so it’s easy to find, it’s just out there, right in front of the viewer.
I believe the website I have designed meets the goals that I have set for myself to achieve. I believe it looks attractive, simple, clear and professional. I am confident that it attracts the target audience of women from 18 to 50 years of age. The web skin isn’t complicated and everything is easy to find, it looks easy to navigate.I believe my overall design is well done, I enjoyed designing my webpage! I hope u enjoy looking at it! :)

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