Infinite Eclipse

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I did this painting for a friend for christmas. My friend loves modern art, in fact everything in her house is very modern. This painting took two days to paint, three attempts to get the right background colour. 
I chose these colours because they are best suited to my friends lounge room colours, which is where she hung the painting. 
This was my first attempt at painting something modern. It was'nt hard at all, just different from what i would usually paint. 
I paint on canvas all the time using gauche or acrylic. I'm yet to try oil painting, which i am looking forward to. 
I've painted many paintings on canvas, and have five of my own hanging in my bedroom at home. When i get the chance i often sell my paintings in small shops around the Cootamundra region. They usually sell for about $70-$80, depending on the size of the canvas. 
In this painting "Infinite Eclipse" i used a series of browns and creams, and also a light brown coffee. The spheres are painted in pale gold and pearl white to get the metallic effect. I also used a little bit of silver and gold glitter to give it a more magical look!!!!
I am very happy with the end result!!

Hope you like it!!!  =)

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