My original idea for this assessment as to build fruit out of Lego, such as a yellow banana and a red apple inside a small blue and white fruit bowl. After completing this, my Lego piece did look reasonable for this assessment, until Luke changed the assessment, which made it a lot easier to come up with something.

When Luke gave us the opportunity to change the assessment according to what would be easier for us, majority of the class jumped at it.

I chose clay because it’s much easier to work with when having to build an object, in this case a child’s toy. Lego was limited, as were the colours that came with it.

For my packaging piece i decided to use Sculpey as a business that i would design packaging for, Sculpey being a business that sells clay-baking kits for children. I designed my packaging to cater for 'Little Monsters' which i designed and created myself. My target market was children from the ages 8+, boys and girls.
My packaging states that some of the pieces included inside the box may be a choking hazard, but are non-toxic. I included various colours of clay as well as over 50 pairs of eyes ranging from sizes small to medium and then to large.
When my packaging is made it stands 30.65mm high, with a 363mm length on the longest side and a 173mm width. I designed my box to be this size and shape as clay lays flat and straight, as will the eye balls positioned next to the clay as shown in the image below:

I am happy with the end result and believe children would have a lot of fun with my new product, as i enjoyed creating my own 'Little Monster'.