Proposal Draft 1

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Sharon Ford
Manager - Fitness Instructor
Shop 9, 44-68 Fernleigh Road
Turvey Park Shopping Complex
Turvey Park NSW 2650

Dear Mrs Sharon Ford

On the 23rd May 2011, Elise Penton, Skye Spencer and Philippa Hoey approached you to discuss possible corporate identity.

You have requested a possible logo for your corporate identity, possible advertising through fliers, motivational posters, business cards, pull out posters, letterhead, t-shirts, bags, car stickers, shop window stickers and further promotional material.

In response to your request, based on our knowledge, time management, experience and skills, we are submitting this proposal to you as we have come to an agreement that, at this stage, we will be pursuing your corporate identity through a standard logo.

For the new marketing strategies for the ‘Fitness 4 Women’ business, the services we will be providing you are: Logo Design and Corporate Identity.

Graphics consistent with Client’s corporate identity will be incorporated as a fluid design element throughout the business.

We will undergo 3 steps in completion of the corporate identity.

1. We will create a series of draft logo designs for you to choose from.
2. We will then improve the chosen logo from the draft.
3. The final draft will be presented to you for your approval.

Any other requests will be discussed in a later date.


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