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What is a deadline?
A deadline is a particular date that is set for you to complete a task. It is a time limit for you to have an assignment completed and ready for its due date, the deadline.

What’s involved in meeting a deadline on time?
To meet a deadline you must have the assignment finished and completed by the due date.

What are the consequences of breaking a deadline?
If you do not meet your deadline it can be very expensive and disastrous to the business. Loss of sales due to loss of customers can result in missing the deadline; this is very bad for the business.

What can you do to better meet deadlines?
The main thing you can do to better meet the deadline is to start the assignment straight away. Don’t try completing the work the night before the deadline, because you are likely to miss important things that are vital in the assignment.

How do you prioritise deadlines?
Rushed work isn’t good work, plan out your days so you have time to complete and read over your work before the deadline.

How do deadlines alter the perception of business and individuals?
Deadlines keep people focused, it gives them something to aim at, and something vital to the business they work for which they are not going to want to stuff up. The last thing an employee wants to do is make their boss angry, so meeting the deadline is critical.

How do general business deadlines differ form graphic design deadlines?

Technical Challenges of Graphic Design

What are the technical challenges of graphic design?
The technical challenges of graphic design mainly come down to using tools in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS software. The challenges may be lack of knowledge about the software and how to go about doing something using the tools. When it comes to Graphic Designers and using this technology, they need to know about the software and how to use all the tools it offers, in order to achieve the results they want.

How do we solve them?
To solve these challenges, we learn. One must either research about the software or ask someone who does know how to use it.

What resources are out there?
There are many tutorials on the Internet that are easy to access for those who lack the knowledge of how to use it. There is also the option of studying the programs at TAFE, borrowing or even buying guides to these programs from bookstores or libraries.

What is your annual budget to pay for these resources?
I bought the software Abode Creative Suite 4 at the TAFE bookshop for just under $400.
Tutorials are supplied on Google, which I access on computers at TAFE, if need be. In most cases I learn as I go, by exploring the software.

How do the major platforms (MAC/PC) affect technical approaches to projects?
These platforms affect technical approaches to projects because they are very different form each other. Being used to using hints or cheats to go about doing something in Photoshop or Illustrator, but MAC and PC both have different keys which makes it difficult.
Having a PC Laptop that has a touch pad instead of a mouse makes it very difficult to control tools on the software. Being used to moving around the mouse when working in Photoshop or Illustrator, it makes it hard because I have to use my index finger like a pencil to guide the tools.

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